Moving Home Checklist

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Milestones Removals Blackpool

10. Book your mover as well in advance as possible.

Dont be shy.. get yourself a few quotes, if you dont have too much to move or your move is a local one, it may well be the company will be able to quote you over the telephone, They will likely ask you for a list of your possessions in order to evaluate the time, manpower and size of vehicle required for your job. Have paper and pen in front of you and try to be as methodical as possible when running through your items, Start upstairs and eliminate the rooms one at at time, don’t forget to mention the white goods or the contents of the garden and shed!. .. If you are moving any distance the likelihood is your mover will ask if they can come and have a look in person to weigh up the job. It is wise to make sure the company you are booking has the relevant ‘goods in transit insurance’ required to cover your chattels whilst in their possession, and bear in mind ‘owning a van does not a removal company make’

9. Pack early.

If you decide to undertake the packing up of all of your own possessions, then try and make a start as early as possible before moving day, two weeks before is a good start date for the less used items. Maybe start in the shed or garage this area always takes longer to organise than anticipated. Again as you move through the house try to be as methodical as possible, using the same box to pack items from the same room, try to evenly distribute the weight between the boxes and label their destination clearly, this will aid your moving company no end and personally save you a great deal of time and frustration when you reach your new home.

8. List Your Contacts

Make a list of Important people to contact, Schools, Bank, Building Society (see no.6 on the checklist), Doctors, maybe your satellite TV supplier to arrange a new fitting date at your new address?

7. Take care of important documents

Whilst you are being methodical in your packing put to one side all of your important documents, Passport, Driving License, Bank and Credit cards, Birth Certificate etc. As well as any medicine you may be currently prescribed. It is important that these items stay with you on moving day, and don’t end up in a random unmarked box in the back of the van.

6. Mail Redirect

We are likely a week or so from moving day by now, and we should be thinking about registering to re-direct our mail, make sure you still have a credit/bank card registered to your old address, and you can arrange re-direction online at at the cost of £29.99 per surname.

5. Furniture Placement

In the final week before you move, if possible, it really is worth having a wander around your home whilst thinking about your furniture in association with the layout of your new home, If you can make a decision where each piece is destined before you arrive, your movers will happily place your furniture exactly there and save you a huge amount of time and hassle in re-organising later. If you can draw a floor plan of your new house so your movers don’t have to bother you as to where every item is going, then even better for all involved.

4. Get Help!

Moving Day is upon us.. The kids and the pets have done a sterling job assisting with the packing of all their items for the move so far, but now is the time wherever possible to call on your family or friends for that assistance they offered.. you know the time when!! exactly!

3. Meter Readings

Take meter readings from all your utility providers, both as you leave your old house and again as you arrive in you new.

2. Nuts & Bolts

Make sure any beds, or wardrobes that may have needed dismantling for the move, have had all the relevant screws nuts and bolt placed in a freezer bag or similar, and is taped securely to the relevant piece of furniture, also make sure the cordless drill, screwdrivers and Allen keys are all close to hand for re-assembly. And before you disconnect the spaghetti junction from behind the tv..ask yourself…do you know how to reconnect this lot?.. If you’re not 100% sure…then photograph it with your phone.

1. The Essentials

Finally… last item in and therefore the very first out… The essential items box which should hold, well whatever you might deem essential really, but definitely an overnight toilet bag, a towel, and a brew making survival contact kit containing, kettle, tea, coffee, milk and sugar with optional but advisable biscuits and telephone chargers.

Daunting though it once seemed … you’re there… well done… you’ve made it… Maybe the moving home checklist has helped out here and there.. but you are the star of the show…. Take a bow …it’s well deserved 🙂

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